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When lockdown hit us in 2020, everything changed in a matter of days and we suddenly had to live a totally different life from the one we knew. Personally, I was going through a transformation period as well. I realised I didn’t understand my emotions, I couldn’t tell exactly how I felt about the things I experienced. So I started to exercise reflecting and naming my feelings, in order to have a better notion about where I was at the moment, emotionally speaking.

As a result of those two things combined, I did this piece, where I named some of the emotions I have felt in the first months of quarantine. It was a very turbulent period, as many might agree, and I can say that the small things helped me coping with it a little better.

Silêncio / Silence

Have you ever heard a loud silence?

Sometimes, it is when no sound is being

vocalized that we hear the loudest things