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The project was made for the Studio Photography discipline at PUC-Rio and the proposal was "fashion editorial". The chosen theme was: thrift and/or homemade clothes. For the photos, we used clothes from thrift shops or second-handed. The aim is to encourage reuse and upcycling, giving a new look to clothes. We also aimed to change the public view on thrift shopping, showing that they can also create beautiful and elegant looks with only reused clothes. The other concept of the shoot was neutral genderless clothing, questioning the standard designations of "female" and "male". The goal during the shoot was to make the models look as androgynous as possible. Makeup was basic, just to reinforce specific features that we think are relevant to reach the expected result. The article is supposed to be published in a big newspaper, the chosen one was Dazed & Confused, using the existing visual identity and an authorial reread layout design.


Photos: Fernando Blanchart and Isadora de Dios Edition: Isadora de Dios Edição: Isadora de Dios

Models: Arielle Santos and Vinícius Cyrilo Concept and fashion: Fernando Blanchart and

Isadora de Dios ​

The selected picture for the cover was also applied

following the traditional aesthetic of Dazed, with no modifications in the design.

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